Selected Portfolio

A sample of past projects to enhance demand generation campaigns

reelyactive wp

This white paper was co-written with the amazing team at reelyActive and discussed how to safely manage social distancing in work environments.

Topics covered includes:

  • Indexing and searching the real world
  • Internet of things and related technologies
  • Leveraging Bluetooth to track assets and manage population density
  • Using heatmaps to visualize data

This marketing document details how to maximize your organization’s Internet connectivity for the following topics:

  • Internet access redundancy and performance optimization
  • Leveraging multiple types of Internet access technologies
  • VPN reslilience and performance management
  •  Geobalancing traffic between multiple sites and datacenters

A webinar designed to educate on the merits of properly managed Wi-Fi access for conference spaces in convention centers, hotels and other public facilities.

A webinar focusing on the emerging topic of values-based marketing from a reforestation perspective.

Need a hand to build engaging content which converts eyeballs to conversations?

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