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Rock8fuel Strategy


Before anything happens, you need a plan.
Sometimes it’s big, sometimes it’s small but it always needs to be done correctly.  Partnerships, channel programs, product launches, sales plans, alliances, growth plans and so many others planning activities need a seasoned hand to get on track to achieve the desired results.
We can guide you and your organization to build a comprehensive plan based on your capabilities, your objectives, your ambitions, your team and your timelines.


Marketing is a lifecycle.

Let’s identify the audiences you wish to reach, and the best ways to reach them with the right message through the right media and the right level of originality. We’ll convert suspects to prospects.

Social media, content marketing, website design, email marketing (and more) we will help you navigate which tools you can and should consider to achieve the desired milestones.

Measure, optimize, rinse and repeat. Let’s fill that funnel.

Rock8fuel Marketing
Rock8fuel Sales


Sales fuels your company.
From a strong prospecting strategy, synchronization with marketing efforts, sales lifecycles, closing deals and the “now what?” steps after that deal has been closed, we have extensive experience in shaking apples from trees.
We’ll look at your team, management, compensation plans, tools, objectives, processes and at the challenges your organization faces to grow beyond your objectives.
We’ll also tackle the one tool most companies have a hard time figuring out: the dreaded CRM.  Turn this tool into your ally!


Technology is the great differentiator

From websites to CRMs to WIFI networks to e-commerce or just plain laptops, technology can be intimidating. Getting it to work is hard, and getting the pieces to work together is harder but achievable!

We have decades of geeking, toying, trying, failing and most importantly, succeeding with technology. We can also translate for non-techie folks! 

Don’t be shy, we are willing to lend a hand.

Rock8fuel Advice


We all need someone to talk to. 
When it’s all said and done, having access to someone else’s experience, and lessons learned from both successes and failures can be the boost you need.
Or sometimes you just need someone to talk to, who understands what you and your organization are going through, and helps think things out.  “Going for coffee” has been credited with many small and major breakthroughs over the years.

Advice, mentorship, or just having someone to chat with delivers huge rewards.  Drop us a line!


Nothing is more important than your team.
From hiring to managing to training to (sadly) firing, motivating, handling departures, celebrating wins, mourning lost opportunities… we had to do it all.
People are at the core of your organization. A well managed and motivated team will drive your growth with you, faster too.

Call us we love working with people!

Rock8fuel People

Think we can lend a hand to reach higher peaks?
Think you could use a hand to get things accelerated?
Tired of the same old consulting approach?

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